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Summering Integration Practice

Every year, we at OnixBloom practice “Summering” as an intentional break for the month of August. Summer can be a time of heat, fiery emotions, fun and play, and there’s integration in discovering the bothness of action and rest. This could include rest in motion, spending time with family, barbecues and yummy food, sun and being outside, and working less.

We also welcome any onix emotions such as the fire, rage, anger, grief, intensity, or passion that needs to be released and expressed in a safe container. We can use the heat in synergy with the cooling power of water or the escape of travel to explore our emotional landscape in a unique way thanks to the season. There naturally tends to be more “permission” to rest from the structures that are in our lives. We can look for and create opportunities to be more and do less.

What about you?

What are your summering plans?

Any solstice practices you love?

We'd love to hear from you!

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