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Honoring endings and beginnings

It's a new year, and we hope you've experienced many moments of bloom and space to hold the onix so far in 2024. We've been Wintering which we define as intentional time to take a break and connect to this season and ourselves through reflection and listening to our body's needs. As we've danced between this hibernation, the buzz of the holidays and new year energy and preparing for what's next, we've discovered it's time for a fork in the road for the humans that make up OnixBloom. After almost 5 years in partnership, Erica, Teresa, and Dhyana are venturing onto new paths.What does that mean, exactly? Dhyana will continue to share her gifts through her companies, Meditation in Motion and her studio in Seattle, Breathing Room, and Erica and Teresa will continue on with OnixBloom. We are deeply grateful for all we've shared together since our creation in early 2019.  As many of you know, OnixBloom was founded during a period of deep onix in the lives of Teresa, Erica, and their family, and through this journey, we've all had the opportunity to live the mission and values of OnixBloom to provide tools to bloom through any darkness. We have so much appreciation for all of you who've co-created this company with us, who've shown up to share your Onix and Blooms vulnerably and openly. We've navigated a lot together, and we can't wait to continue these next chapters with you as our work expands and ripples out further into the world.  


You know we're all about celebrating the baby steps and big f*cking wins in life, so we wanted to take a moment to express some of those from the past 5 years together.


  • Integrating Grief & Joy Retreat Día de los Muertos in Ajijic, Mexico - 2019, 2022, 2023. The years we got to be in person!

  • Pandemic pivot to Integrating Grief & Joy retreat online (we still delivered tacos and mud for spa day!) - 2020 and 2021

  • Be. Stand. Speak. Move! A 30 day online program in 2020 providing tools to bloom through any darkness

  • Free Be Witnessed calls during the pandemic which gave a safe space to share all we were grappling with

  • Stand In Your Power Event - Ajijic, Mexico - A fundraising event for a domestic violence organization in Guadalajara, Mexico, and the first opportunity for Teresa to raise awareness about domestic abuse and institutional abuse of the family court system

  • Hundreds of hours of Zoom meetings, WhatsApp conversations, brainstorming, dreaming, learning, crying, laughing, creating and growing together through this beautiful channel of OnixBloom


So what's next?  More ways to connect with integration work with OnixBloom and Meditation in Motion. We don't know exactly how that will look, and that's exciting! This structural shift is providing a ton of opportunities for creating new ways to serve you and our communities. We invite you to follow along through this space and social media for OnixBloom. You can follow and work with Dhyana on Instagram and on her website. We'll be sending out seasonal updates throughout this year and will include all our latest offerings for both OB and MiM, so please stay tuned!  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support and trust as we integrate the onix and blooms of life together. Please feel free to reach out to any of us if you have questions about what's next. 

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