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Currently, all sessions are held virtually with Erica Sciarretta

(in-person sessions coming soon).

To get started book a Foundation Session or a

free 45min introductory session below. 

Integrative Healing Sessions help to calm the nervous system, reduce strong painful emotions, process traumatic events, shift limiting beliefs and live with more ease.   

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In this 90min session we will spend part of the time looking at your immediate needs and going over your past history to create a curated session experience. The remaining time will be your first

Integrative Healing Session. 

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After your foundation session we will work together on a monthly basis. Each month includes:

3 - 60min sessions

2 - 15min check-in calls (optional)

Be Witnessed text/voice memo support

 Integration workbook

You are not alone!

Are you struggling? Do you need support ASAP? 

 This session is for emergencies and allows you to book outside of my regular schedule. This session is for current clients only. If we have not worked together please email me first at info@onixbloom.

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Integrative healing sessions are curated to fit your specific needs. We will use the Foundation Session to look at what your immediate needs are and where we can address past traumas to support you in your healing journey. I will guide you using a mix of mind-body techniques that swiftly reduce stress and trauma while increasing calm. Some of these techniques include Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping, somatic practices, body awareness, witnessing, visualization, and breath work.

Every session is a gentle, mind-body experience that helps you turn toward yourself. Together, we create a safe container where you get to reconnect to the parts of you that have been disconnected by hardship or trauma. Each session will leave you with new resources that you can access any time as you come to know more of yourself and the wisdom that resides within you. You will feel a deeper sense of wholeness, integration, and purpose, and have a larger capacity to be present with all of life.

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