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Allow us to reintroduce ourselves! 🖤🌱

We are Erica and Teresa - sisters, friends, business owners, survivors, thrivers. We are cofounders of OnixBloom, and in many ways, it feels like OnixBloom found us too! It found us in 2019 when we were in our darkest days, when we needed the flicker of light to guide our way through. The OnixBloom seed we planted then has been growing ever since and gave us purpose and hope when we needed it most. It gave us language to describe the full spectrum of our experiences, the onix emotions like grief and rage and the bloom emotions like joy and gratitude. Today, we exist to provide space for others where that bothness is honored and integrated and healing can happen.

Along our healing journeys, we’ve worked with some incredible, compassionate professionals who “get it.” Unfortunately, we’ve also encountered many who don’t, and we know the pain, retraumatization, and heartbreak that comes with that all too well.

We are committed to being providers who “get it.” We will never promise a fast fix because we believe there is absolutely nothing broken. Trauma and hardship may have disconnected you from parts of yourself, and healing is a continuous homecoming to your wholeness. All the wisdom already resides within you, and our 1:1 sessions with Erica and the integrative weekends and retreats we plan to hold in the future are opportunities to turn toward yourself and deepen that self-connection.

We live the value of holding both the onix and the blooms of life, and we invite you to do the same. You are welcome here exactly as you are! We see you, we hear you, we believe you. We can’t wait to work with you! Link in bio to find out about our current 1:1 offerings with Erica, and sign up for our mailing list to be the first in the know about our integrative weekends and retreats in Ajijic, Mexico, coming soon!

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