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“Wholeheartedness is about integration. It’s integrating our thinking, feeling, and behavior. It’s putting down the armor and bringing forth all of the scraggly, misshapen pieces of our history and folding in all of the different roles that, when falsely separated, keep us feeling exhausted and torn, to make a complex, messy, awesome, whole person. I love that the Latin root of the word integrate is integrare, “to make whole.” - Brené Brown, Dare to Lead

Our pillars:

✨ Be Witnessed - When I am witnessed, I feel my experiences integrate into my wholeness. I get to set any armor aside.

✨Meditation in Motion - When I attune to my body’s needs and move with exquisite motion, I integrate my inner wisdom. My body, mind, spirit, and senses are engaged in a dance with one another.

✨ Stand in your Power - When I come back to center no matter what life throws my way, I integrate and honor my healing journey. I learn when to stand and when to set it down to recharge.

OnixBloom is an integrative lifestyle and retreat company. You are welcome here, exactly as you are. Your whole, beautiful self. Return moved… and Bloom. 🖤🌱

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