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 Be. Stand. Speak. Move! 

Tools to bloom through ANY darkness

 August 2nd – August 30th, 2020 

Join the OnixBloom community for a guided, integrative 29-day experience. 

Be Witnessed in, embrace, and unite the illuminated and shadow areas in your life so you can stand in your power regardless of circumstances.

We see you 

We hear you

We believe you

We are you

We are here for you 

 Womxn, welcome. 

Image by Nathan Dumlao

If you are grappling with these hard times and want support for your mind, body, and soul, Be. Stand. Speak. Move! was designed specifically for you. With a flexible schedule to suit your busy life, you will be supported in group conversations, a 1-on-1 private call, live and recorded movement workshops, and introspective journaling and guided meditations. By the end of August, you will walk away with tangible movement and communication tools to bloom through any darkness.

Image by JD  Mason

 On this journey you will . . . 

  • Learn how to Witness and Be Witnessed through 1-1 connection, group experiences, movement, meditation and journaling.  Deepen your relationship with yourself and others. Cultivate a conversation partnership for your everyday life

  • Stand in Your Power in the face of anything: 7+ easy and effective movement tools from feet to crown to be an unwavering force – rooted in the Fletcher Pilates® Standing and Centering technique 

  • Meditate in Motion: 9 effective mindfulness practices where we will dive into breathing, meditation, and movement to calm, empower, increase focus, and connect with your exquisite motion 

  • Move with freedom: Release judgmental, critical thoughts and limiting beliefs that our bodies are something to fix and change. Invite radical self love to embrace your Self completely

  • Deepen the roots of your practices with guided journaling and meditation. Take a reprieve from the chaos, and give yourself the gift of reflection. 

  • Connect and grow with a community of womxn taking action for a better, equitable, and more joyful world. Be surrounded by humans who lift you up, who see you, hear you, believe you, and stand with you in your journey.

  • And much more!

 Be. Stand. Speak. Move! is for you if . . . 

  • You identify as a Womxn. ALL Womxn are welcome

  • Your movement patterns lie within the range of "haven't left your couch since quarantine started" to "best shape of your life!" Gentle, adaptable, powerful movement for all levels

  • You are grappling with these difficult times (Covid-19, racial injustice and inequities, political environment, LIFE)

  • You love yoga, Pilates, or dance and you want the movement minus the pressure of looking good or getting it perfect

  • You want to be in community with other awe-inspiring, supportive ladies

  • You are exhausted from conversations that leave you drained and disconnected

  • You are ready to add innovative tools to deal powerfully with life's circumstances

  • You are a warrior always making moves in life and deserve acknowledgement of your badassery   

  • You are an entrepreneur, mother, activist, strong single lady ("all the single ladies..."), trauma survivor, movement practitioner or teacher, etc. This program is for YOU. 

Image by Mike Von
Stressed Woman
Frannie OB Intimate Portrait Session-Fra

Be Seen and Heard

What does it mean to

Be Witnessed?

Do you desire to be seen and heard?

OB Nov 2019 Retreat-Edit-0159.jpg

Move with Joy

A fluid journey to find stillness and exquisite motion.

OnixBloom CollabWeekend-OnixBloom Edited

Stand in your Power

A movement toolbox to be an unwavering force in the face of any circumstances.


What you will receive in B.S.S.M! . . . 

B.S.S.M! - Not to be confused with BDSM or Blood, Sex, Sugar, Magik, the Red Hot Chili Peppers album, although hey... those things are cool, too : ) 

4 Guided Meditations/Journaling Inquiries led by OnixBloom Founders

Engage with the theme throughout the week


Be Witnessed with Erica...

  • 1 Be Witnessed 1–on–1 call 

  • 2 Be Witnessed Live group calls

    • Bonus! Co-ed Be witnessed call - invite the evolved men in your life 

Meditate in Motion with Diana...

  • 3 Online Live Meditation in Motion classes 

    • Bonus! Meditation in Motion tailored playlist (Spotify)  


Stand in Your Power and Bloom with Teresa... 

  • 1 Online Live Be Witnessed mat class - Fletcher Pilates®

  • 2 Video classes (on your own time, at your own pace)

    • Stand in your Power 

    • OnixBlooming

      • Bonus! Hand and wrist articulation video

PIL Retreat 2018-PIL Retreat 2018-0059.j
Anchor 1

 Week by Week 

Week 1: Be.

Sunday, August 2nd 10am - 12pm Welcome Live Be Witnessed Zoom Call

Monday, August 3rd - Journaling Prompt Week 1 & Full Moon (15mins)

Thursday, August 6th 7 - 8pm Live and recorded Be Witnessed Mat Class 

Saturday, August 8th 10am -  12pm Live and recorded Meditation in Motion 1

Approx time investment: 5 hours

Week 2 : Stand.

Monday, August 10th  - Journaling Prompt Week 2 

Thursday, August 13th  - Stand in your Power YouTube Video (1 hour)

Saturday, August 15th 10am - 12pm Live and recorded Meditation in Motion 2 

Approx time investment: 2.5 hours

Week 3 : Speak. 

Monday, August 17th  - Journaling Prompt Week 3 

Saturday, August 22nd 10am - 12pm Live and recorded Meditation in Motion 3

Sunday, August 23rd 4 - 6pm Bonus - Live Be Witnessed Group Co-Ed Call 

Approx time investmentt: 4 hours

Week 4 : Move!

Monday, August 24th  - Journaling Prompt Week 4 

Thursday, August 27th  - OnixBlooming video released (1 hour)

Sunday, 30th - 10am - 12pm Group Live Be Witnessed Completion Call 

Approx time investment: 3.5 hours

Be Witnessed Individual Calls - Tuesdays and Wednesdays

All times are in Pacific Standard Time  

Length: 29 days


  • Live group and individual Zoom experiences

  • Anytime recorded videos

  • Private Facebook group 

  • Customized Private board to track your progress


Dates: August 2nd - August 30th, 2020

Registration Deadline: Midnight August 1st 

Registration. $497 USD

Pay what you can sliding scale $297 - $497 USD
We are offering a sliding scale because we know times are tough.


 When you sign up for Be. Speak. Stand. Move! 

 You will receive . . . 

Rocio Olguín / Mexican visual artist. OB member 2020


"It is great to hear other people’s point of view, and see how we all in some way are personally and culturally facing fear and challenging situations during these

COVID-19 pandemic times."

  • 4 online Live movement experiences with ANY TIME access 

    • Value $1200​

  • 2 online Live communication experiences + a 30 min live Be Witnessed call with founder Erica 

    • Value $900​

  • 4 guided meditations and printable journaling prompts

    • Value $500​

  • Private B.S.S.M! Facebook group to support your journey, where we’ll be engaging with you and answering questions 

    • Value $300​

  • Bonuses!​

    • Value $500​


That is a total value of $3400 USD! 

We are offering

Be. Stand. Speak. Move! Tools to Bloom through ANY Darkness

for a special one time price of $497 USD

 OnixBloom, I still have questions . . . 

VictoriaTangata IntimatePortrait-Victori

Q: I want to know why this program is special!

A: COVID-19 and the state of our world has brought to light the many challenges in our lives, B.S.S.M! is a response to the chaos. A unique, integrative program to help you process your experiences and allow a safe space to grow and Bloom.  

Q: I don’t know what “womxn” means exactly!

A: The term Womxn (/ˈwʊmənˈ/, used by some feminists, especially in the intersectional feminist movement, is one of several alternative spellings of the English word woman. It is used to avoid the suggestion of sexism and patriarchal language, and to include transgender, nonbinary, and non-white women. How do I say it? The same as women. It is inclusive of ALL womxn, and so are we. 

Q. You said all levels of movement. Do you really mean it?

A: Yes! Our live and recorded movement classes will give you choices and progressions for wherever you are in that moment. It is YOUR practice, and you can always go to a grounded onix rest or do what feels amazing to your unique, glorious body. 

Q: What if I miss one of the live classes? Will I be able to watch it later?

A: Yes, we will record all of the sessions except the Be Witnessed calls and you will be able to watch them when it is convenient for you. We strongly encourage you to participate live as much as possible and to work out your schedule to do so, and we understand life happens! 

Q: What if I fall behind?

A: We are committed to supporting you. You can watch the recordings when it works for you. You will be able to download and go at your own pace. You will have forever access to the movement videos and journaling.

Q. I have unique circumstances, how do I know this program is right for me?

A: We are here to chat, press the chat button in the bottom right-hand corner or feel free to call

1-206-310-5610 or email info@onixbloom we are here to answer all your questions.

 Feel free to email with questions, we’re happy to help!

Image by Adrien Olichon

 So, are you ready? 

*To BE seen and heard as the powerful Womxn you are?

*To STAND for your missions in life with a supportive group of Womxn on your team? 

*To SPEAK your truth to power? 

*To MOVE with embodied joy? 

We can't wait to B.S.S.M! with you! 

CathySims IntimatePortrait-CathySims Int

Cathy Sims / Flight Attendant

OB member 2020


"I got to be seen in the moment. There wasn’t any pressure to be any way."




It is through discovering our own Onix and Bloom in our lives and in our partnership that OnixBloom has become what it is today. We believe in embracing and dancing in the dualities of light and dark, pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow in our lives.

Meet OB



Suzanna Davis / Belly Dance Master Teacher OB Member since 2020


"Although I could never have anticipated sharing what I ended up sharing, it was a great feeling to just be witnessed by a group of compassionate strangers, and knowing there would be no response of trying to fix my situation somehow made me feel much safer."


Wendy Fujinaga / Systems Analysts

OB Member since 2019


"Having the opportunity to just be completely within and in my body was so beautiful, so rare and unique. It literally brought me to tears, it was really, really beautiful!"

Jane OB Intimate Portrait Session-Jane O

Jane Frol / REACH program accountant

OB Member since 2019


"Magical and much needed.

Every woman must experience this."

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