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 Be Witnessed 

To Be Witnessed….What does is mean?

Be Witnessed stems from the formal phrase "to bear witness to", which means "to show something exists or is true." 


To witness someone is to listen to THEIR truth, to set your own thoughts, feelings and agendas aside and be fully present with them exactly where they are. When you truly witness someone,

You disappear, and there is only connection. 

To be witnessed is to let ourselves be seen as we truly are in that moment. When we allow ourselves to be witnessed by another, we cannot help but be transformed by the experience. When we share our glory and our pain we are allowing ourselves to be seen and experienced in an intimate way. You may be surprised at the feeling of peace and validation that arises within you. We are human and not meant to go it alone. There is magic in being Witnessed. A great gift we can give ourselves and others.

What would it be like to share freely the darkness and light in your life? 

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." – Maya Angelou

The benefits of being witnessed . . . 

When you are heard with nothing added and nothing taken away something magical happens. Resistance dissolves and there is a new space to look and act from. Peace of mind and a sense of clarity. 


Benefits people experience from witnessing and being witnessed: 

  • Feeling acknowledged 

  • Knowing you are not alone

  • Knowing that your experiences matter 

  • A feeling of being important and visible 

  • No longer having to hide your own joys or pains

  • Experience a feeling of release

  • See yourself more clearly

  • Feel more comfortable in vulnerability

  • Lower risk of depression 

  • Improved relationships

  • Increased self-acceptance

  • More happiness

  • Clarity in decision making and actions

  • Less stress and releasing the weight of the world

"A witness assures us that our stories are heard, contained, and transcend time." – Kristi Pikiewicz, Ph.D. 

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