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 Stand in Your Power ... and Bloom 

What is Stand in Your Power?

Stand in Your Power will teach you a simple, effective, powerful set of movements to help prepare your body, mind, and spirit for anything. Rooted in the Fletcher Pilates standing and centering technique, Stand in Your Power is a blooming evolution of that work, and it emerged when physical techniques to stand strong in the toughest of moments felt necessary for survival. These simple but powerful movement tools from feet to crown say to your body and then to the world around you, "I'm here, I'm grounded, I matter, I'm unshakeable." Whether you're attending a protest, public speaking (or public Zooming, these days...) about to step onstage, visiting family, or just getting out of bed and preparing for a meaningful day, Stand in Your Power gives you tools at your fingertips (and toes!) to be an unwavering force to be reckoned with.



Because the world needs more of YOU, and needs to be reminded everyday to hear, see, protect, lift up, and support womxn. 

"Your physical statement will be: Look at me, I am here, I am filling my space, rather than, excuse me for using this space." – Ron Fletcher 


OnixBlooming video... what's that? 


In your OB movement experience we will celebrate the beautiful duality of being grounded and celebrating the JOY of movement! Onix inspired movement will connect you to earth, to your deep inner spirit, to putting down roots, to rest. Bloom inspired movement will awaken your spirit, provide freedom, flow, abandon, joy, and celebration of your physical world. Rooted in Fletcher Pilates, Yoga, and Butoh dance, let's play in the alchemy! 


What it is not….

This is not a program that encourages perfection. We live in a society that constantly judges and assesses womxn’s bodies.  This program is an opportunity to say “F that!” and reclaim our power, our wholeness, our self love. We do this by practicing Witnessing our bodies instead of judging and assessing, and allowing for the space to feel and move in whatever way we need to in that particular moment.


"Every body is beautiful.  Every body is divinely inspired, superbly designed, awesome in the complex way it's put together and wonderful in the simple, economical way it works.  Every body can be vital, strong, and flexible, moving through life with grace and assurance." – Ron Fletcher 

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