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Integrating Grief and Joy Retreat

 Día de los Muertos 

 Ajijic, Mexico

 October 28th - November 4th, 2023

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If you want to be seen and heard, nourish your nervous system with exquisite movement and intentional integration time, and honor yourself and your loved ones through the beautiful Mexican traditions of Día de los Muertos, this customized retreat was designed specifically for you.


 On this journey you will . . . 

OB Nov 2019 Retreat-Edit-0055 copy.jpg
  • Honor grief and celebrate joy in a safe, brave space. They coexist. You are allowed to hold both.

  • Learn how to witness and Be Witnessed through a group conversation honoring your grief, joy, and your loved ones who have passed. Deepen your relationship with yourself and others.

  • Tend to your nervous system with effective mindfulness practices Explore a deep connection with yourself and your loved ones through this experiential Día de Muertos ritual interacting with the altar. This day event will include integration downtime and food prepared in home by a private chef. Nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Learn the history and how to create an altar for Día de Muertos. Make this an annual tradition in your life. (Take home instructions included!)

  • FOOD! 10,000 tacos! One of our favorite parts of traveling is eating delicious, healthy, and authentic food. We've designed this retreat to give you many choices! From eating at home to visiting the finest restaurants in Ajijic, you'll have the opportunity to create your own food adventure.

  • Rejuvenate your body during our spa day at the local, natural hot springs located right by Lake Chapala - the largest natural lake in Mexico. Soak in private hot springs filled with beneficial ingredients like flowers, oatmeal, and minerals. Finish it all off with skin nourishing mud (and fun pictures!) Massage included.

  • Do less and allow for more! Plenty of time to choose what your mind and body need. Allow for more spaciousness. Less structure and more discovery. Choices in how you want to spend your time. Allow for spontaneity. Allow for listening to your body's wisdom. Allow for peace and quiet. Fun and play. Allow for your emotions to show up fully.

  • Be surrounded by humans who lift you up, who see you, hear you, believe you, and stand with you in your journey.

Bonus! Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Mexican culture in Ajijic. Be a part of the local Día de Muertos celebrations where you can feel the magic in the air.

    And much more!



 Dates: October 28th - November 4th, 2023

 Registration closes September 22nd, 2023 

TBD - October
Co-creation Welcome Call ​ 
A 30min zoom call to co-create the retreat
We will use this call to customize the 
retreat for those who are coming 
 Saturday - October 28th  
Travel Day​ 
Book your flights to Guadalajara airport (GDL)

 Sunday - October 29th  
Welcome lunch - Integration day 
Delicious, healthy lunch at Savta Bread Ajijic - our favorite restaurant in Ajijic! The rest of the day is an integration day to settle into your retreat. We will be available to assist you in practical items such as getting pesos or picking up anything you may need for the week.
 Monday - October 30th 
Spa day!
Spa day at the local hot springs in San Juan Cosala! We will have private natural hot spring pools filled with beneficial ingredients like flowers, oatmeal, and/or a surprise. We'll end the hot springs with natural, skin nourishing mud! Massages included.
 Tuesday - October 31st 
Gather all things for the altar (ofrenda)
Quick walk into Ajijic from the house to gather all the materials for the altar. We'll visit the papelería for papel picado (the traditional paper decorations hung on the altar), the markets for your loved ones favorite food or drinks, and we'll purchase pan de muerto (traditional bread) and cempazuchitl flowers (marigolds). We will then build and create the altar as a community.
Bonus! You'll receive a PDF on these steps for future use.

 Wednesday - November 1st 
Meditation in Motion
Meditation in Motion experience led by Dhyana! A private chef will provide a light, healthy breakfast and lunch in home. The day will consist of moving from stillness and breathing through an exquisite motion journey integrating the grief and joy held in your body. We'll interact with the altar and altar materials to create a beautiful container for this ritual. You will have time to be in silence and/or write in your inquiry journal. We'll complete the experience with a Be Witnessed conversation honoring your grief and joy journey and/or your loved ones who have passed.
 Thursday - Nov. 2nd 
Celebrating Día de los Muertos in community
You'll have the option to walk into Ajijic to view the incredible sand art in plaza, take in the parade, visit the cemetery, eat 10000 tacos, and enjoy all this magic town has to offer on this magical day.
 Friday - Nov. 3rd 
Integration Day
Complete your retreat with conversation and time to reflect.
Rest and reset before going back into your day to day life. 

Saturday - Nov. 4th 
Travel Day
Travel Day back home 

Sunday's - Nov. 12th, Dec. 3rd and Jan. 14th 
Continued Integration Calls
November 12th - Integrating back into life after the retreat
December 3rd -   Preparing for the holidays and Wintering
January 14th - Coming out of the holidays and creating what is next. Final completion call

   At your retreat. . .   

Image by Bryan Hanson

• You wake up to the peaceful sound of birds chirping and sunshine warming your skin.

• You're in a beautiful, private, safe home in a cozy bed.

• You wander to the gorgeous kitchen where a private chef hands you a fresh coffee or tea to your liking.

• You choose a location or activity to tend to your nervous system. You decide whether to curl up with a book or your inquiry journal, meditate, move your body, play a game, rest, dip in the heated pool or jacuzzi, or take a quick walk to all Ajijic has to offer.

• You feel a sense of flow to your day with no rush. You're enjoying the present moment.

• You venture into the rich Mexican culture with a community who honors your unique journey. You're awakened by the sights, smells, colors, and textures.

• You feel spaciousness to be however you need to be and feel whatever you need to feel. Grief and joy dance together and integrate.

• You eat food that not only nourishes your body but also your spirit. You take time to enjoy every bite and those around you.

• You go to sleep that night feeling whole, seen and heard, and held.


 This retreat is for you if . . . 

You love to travel and it lights you up thinking about getting away to a beautiful destination full of rich culture and history, making unforgettable memories, and giving yourself the gift to integrate all you've been through.

You identify as a woman/womxn. Fellas, we'll have retreats for you in the future! The intimate nature of our accommodations makes safety and openness a key priority for this specific retreat. (If you're a couple who'd like to attend together, please email us so we can discuss!)

You hear yourself in one of these statements and want to normalize grief in all its forms.
- "Someone close to me passed."
- "Trauma made me lose my sense of safety."
- "The collective grief of this world feels overwhelming."
- "I lost a dream or expectation for my life." 


You hear yourself in one of these statements and want to acknowledge and celebrate the joy in your life.
- "I've made it so far from where I used to be!"
- "This beautiful thing has awakened inside me and I'm taking action."
- "I'm proud of the baby steps I'm taking."
- "I feel joy when I'm doing what I love or with those I love." 


Your movement patterns lie within the range of "walking my dog" to "advanced yoga classes 5x per week!" Gentle, adaptable, powerful movement for all levels and nervous systems.


You want to be in community with other awe-inspiring, supportive ladies who will see and hear you

You are tired of the "Go, go go!" hustle and are ready for intentional time to rest and listen to your body and mind's wisdom.

You are a change maker, leader, transformation seeker, mother, activist, strong single lady, trauma survivor, movement practitioner or teacher, etc. If you hear yourself in the above, this retreat is for YOU.

PIL Retreat 2018-PIL Retreat 2018-0046.jpg
Image by The Nix Company
PIL Retreat 2018-PIL Retreat 2018-0004.jpg

  What's included in your retreat . . .  

  • 7 nights in resort style private airbnb

  • Transportation to and from airport and spa 

  • Welcome meal 

  • Altar decorations and supplies 

    • Except personal accents ex. loved ones favorite food and drink ​

  • Spa entrance fee and private pools ​for the day 

  • Massage

  • Taco, pizza and burrito dinners

  • Meditation in Motion experience including authentic homemade breakfast and lunch 

  • Daily meditation and movement

  • Heated pool and hot tub

  • Integrating grief and joy inquiry journal 

  • Closing dinner

  • Welcome creation call and 3 integration calls 

PIL Retreat 2018-PIL Retreat 2018-0059.j

Your Complete Retreat Package

Includes Everything Above:

$399 down to reserve your spot

plus the cost of the room of your choice starting at $1375


Additional expenses: ​
Airfare into Guadalajara (GDL)
Additional food and drinks ​not included in the retreat

-  Eat as cheap or as expensive as you like from $1 street tacos to fine dining. Personal grocery shopper available
Personal altar decoration if you choose


 OnixBloom, I still have questions . . . 


Q: Is it safe?

A: Yes! Teresa and Erica live there and both feel very safe in all settings. 911 works just like in the states, we're close to very good hospitals, and we'll be staying in a safe neighborhood in a gated home. 

Q: Are our accommodations private?

A: Yes! We're staying in a beautiful, large private home with a heated pool and jacuzzi. 

Q. You said all levels of movement. Do you really mean it?

A: Yes! Our movement opportunities will give you choices and progressions for wherever you are in that moment. It is YOUR practice, and you can always go to a grounded onix rest or do what feels amazing to your unique, glorious body. 

Q. What is transportation like?

A: We'll use private, trusted drivers. We are purposefully staying close to Ajijic so we can walk to almost everything. 

Q. I have unique circumstances, how do I know this program is right for me?

A: We are here to chat, press the chat button in the bottom right-hand corner or feel free to call 1-206-310-5610 or email info@onixbloom we are here to answer all your questions.

 Feel free to email with questions, we’re happy to help!

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