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1:1 Sessions

Customize your OnixBloom Experience

Meditation in Motion (MIM)

 Join mindful movement specialist, Dhyana Garcia, for an evolving set of stillness and intentional movement practices to keep you present, focused and aware, so you can integrate different aspects of your life - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Embracing and honoring both your ONIX, challenging moments, and your BLOOM, successes and victories. Both equally important sources of life-changing learning experiences, which will contribute to a sense of growth and thriving rather than stress and survival. 



- To plant, care and maintain a deep sense of inner-peace in ourselves

- Be guided and witnessed in partnership with Dhyana

- Fully customized session responding to your current needs

- To discard and compost harming energy

- Bring awareness to your nervous system 

- Learn new lifestyle and movement habits and behaviors that give you more energy 

Learn more about Dhyana here ​


EFT Integrative Healing 

Join EFT and Be Witnessed specialist, Erica Sciarretta, for a trauma informed customized session allowing you to integrate whatever is there for you. During our time together you will connect mind and body, help regulate your nervous system and move what is feeling stuck. 


- Opportunity to immediately process a traumatic event

- Appropriate and beneficial for on-going complex trauma (you do not need to be on the other side, yet)

- Leave the session feeling lighter

- Through acknowledging the Onix, resource healing instead of automatic survival coping strategies

- A space to set it all down

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