Meet the humans of OnixBloom






  • At OnixBloom, we believe in embracing your Shadow and Divine Light.  There are no good or bad emotions; we allow space for them all.  You are whole and welcome here exactly as you are.   

  • We believe in Being Witnessed.  It takes courage to speak your truth, and you deserve to be fully seen, heard, and felt. 

  • We believe in Movement.  Moving with exquisite motion is accessible for every body and is as vital as food and water.  Through the power of movement, we practice witnessing ourselves and our needs with deep self-love, curiosity, and compassion. 

  • We believe in Inner Wisdom.  You already have everything you need, and we are simply your partners as you uncover the integrative pathways that best serve you.  

  • We believe in Integration.  As we bump up against life’s edges, we practice integrating our mind, body, breath and emotions.  Through our immersive experiences, we invite our complexities and allow for alignment of our physical, mental, and emotional levels of existence. 

  • We believe in engaging all our Senses.  They are a doorway for healing, and we aim to provide exceptional, sensory experiences through beautiful, warm, deeply connected spaces.  

  • We believe in a Trauma informed world.  Our company was born during our own traumatic experiences, and we know first-hand how important it is to align with professionals who “get it.”  We are walking with you on this path of healing, and we honor your unique journey.  

  • We believe in Equity and Inclusivity.  At the core of who we are and what we stand for, we’ve woven inclusive and equitable policies into our partnerships, our pay structure, our hiring practices, and our lifelong personal work.  

  • We believe in Joy and Celebration!  By cultivating spaciousness, we allow for creativity and magic to fully express itself.  We celebrate the baby steps and honor all the moments, from the seemingly small to the glorious.

  • We believe in Community.  Our community of purpose driven humans support and uplift each other.  You can set down any masks you have to wear in other areas of your life, your authentic presence is a contribution and adds to the richness of all our lives.  We see you, we hear you, we believe you, we stand with you, we are you. 

  • We believe in the Conscious use of Technology.  We leverage technology as a powerful tool to support and enhance your well-being journey. 

  • We believe in Nature and Travel.  We experience a richness in our lives when we align with and respect nature’s gifts and greatness.  We open our hearts and minds through conscious travel and cultural experiences.  Don’t escape… Experience.